Discover Greece

In the following link you can see the result of the cooperation between the Municipality of Mykonos and Discover Greece, which set as its main goal the tourist promotion of Mykonos through digital content and destination marketing.

This projects attempts to transfer images of the real, to the digital world. The island of Delos, destinations, experiences and the pulse of Mykonos unfold on your screen through experiential content such as stories, photos and videos.

With reliable suggestions, tips and ideas, the pages of guide you to Mykonos, offering inspiration as well as information to plan your trip and a unique experience full of the of the island‘s atmosphere.

Indicatively, you will find articles that refer to

  • the organized and high level services of the island, such as the award-winning dining services and the gastronomic experience offered in Mykonos
  • the best-known beaches or relaxing and quiet
  • the nightlife
  • the village of Ano Mera
  • the island of Delos, birthplace of the god Apollo and goddess Artemis according to Greek mythology, a World Heritage Site where you can walk amongst the sanctuaries and statues of a vast settlement
  • the small islands around Mykonos, such as Rinia and others, that are full of tiny bays with emerald water and isolated beaches
  • highlights and landmarks
  • destinations
  • activities such as water sports, yoga or horse riding
  • the shopping and high-fashion experience
  • the cultural character of the island with art exhibitions and galleries, festivals and events
  • the natural beauty of Mykonos
  • the content of a comprehensive guide with useful information and FAQs

You can chose between English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish and Greek language.