Municipality Emblems

An illustration of an ancient lyre on top of which Apollo’s face is depicted, both encircled with bay leaves is the emblem of the Municipality of Mykonos.   It has been established and officially used, since 1985, (on any kind of documents, forms, etc.) This emblem was re-used by the Municipality – slightly altered – after about a century, since a corresponding symbolic composition, referring to the god Apollo (who in mythology was born in the neighboring island of Delos and was worshiped there in antiquity) was used on the seals of the Municipality from 1881 onwards.

An Emblem and Old Stamp:

The emblem of the seal was determined by the royal charter on the  30 October 1881. The two main types of stamps used are illustrated above.

(From the book: Eleftherios Skiadas: “Historical Chart of the Municipalities of Greece, 1833-1912”, “Mikros Romos”, Athens, 1994)

The emblem of the Municipality of Mykonos in its present form, where laurel leaves have replaced the vine leaves, was designed in 1984 by the French painter Genevieve Couteau.

The municipality of Ano Mera , since it was established in 1916, has used the seal that brought about the symbols of agriculture (the plough and straw).