The Beaches

Perhaps the most unique feature of Mykonos and one of its unrivaled assets is its beaches. The countless different compositions of golden sands, pebbles and crystal, aquamarine waters under the unique Aegean Sun are beyond comparison. Particularly in the southern part, the picturesque bays with the beautiful sandy beaches are endless. If you desire to wander the dazzling beaches one can begin from Mykonos Town (Chora) and will come across the following popular beaches


Perhaps the most unique feature of Mykonos and one of its unrivaled assets is its beaches. The countless different compositions of golden sands, pebbles and crystal, aquamarine waters under the unique Aegean Sun are beyond comparison. Particularly in the southern part, the picturesque bays with the beautiful sandy beaches are endless. If you desire to wander the dazzling beaches one can begin from Mykonos Town (Chora) and will come across the following popular beaches

Agios Stefanos - Choulakia

This is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos found on the west coast of the island, with a unique view of Delos and Rhenia. It is a short distance from the new port of Tourlos and 3 km north of Chora.

With its beautiful, sandy beach combined with the facilities and a service it offers, this beach is suitable for all ages. There is a frequent bus service that goes on throughout the tourist season, and it also has convenient, easy-to-reach parking right behind the beach.

Towards the left hand side of the sandy beach is the old chapel of Agios Stefanos. In addition there are many restaurants, cafes, mini-markets and more that can be found nearby. Further along the coastline, going up to the hills, there is a variety of small and large hotels as well as and luxury residences. The settlement of Agios Stefanos, located on the hill, is residential area with several tourist businesses, has access to the north-east side of the beach through a paved pedestrian street.

Finally, in the northwestern part of the small peninsula you can come across the famous "Choulakia" beach, famous for its large, beautiful, pebbles.



Megali Ammos

A five minutes’ walk from the center of Mykons town (Chora) is the beach of Megali Ammos.Being only a small coastline there are few umbrellas and sunbeds as it is very exposed to the strong northern winds.

What characterizes the beach and especially its seabed is a huge plaque that is a few meters near the sandy beach, and extends to a great length thus making it difficult to swim. The beach is suitable for wind and kite surfing, for underwater fishing and for horseback riding offered by horse riding schools on the island. It is the closest beach to Chora, and is quite a remarkable one to say the least.

It is possible to access the beach either on foot or by car from the center of Chora going towards Ornos, via an asphalt road, on which there is a safe parking space for vehicles.



Korfos beach is a paradise for windsurf enthusiasts because the wind blows in a steady direction and at the same time its shallow ocean floor encourages the creation of waves which results in endless jumping, wave-riding and pure and simple fun.

Moreover, the boat slip on the west end of the beach is the benchmark for a quick ride to Delos and the surrounding nearby beaches. This beach is located just before the village of Ornos and 2.5 km from Chora.


The beaches that are located in the south can be reached either by car or by boat from Platis Gialos, There one can find the following, breath-taking beaches; Going south, either by car or by boat from Platis Gialos, you will discover these beaches.

Agios Ioannis - Kapari

From this beach one can enjoy spectacular views overlooking Delos, the cape of Aleomandra and the canal between Mykonos and Delos. It is also the beach where the famous Saint John's fair during the last days of September takes place. This sandy beach has great taverns where you can eat, many holiday homes and luxury villas, as well as large hotel units in the wider region. The beach is recommended for those who are looking to swim or sunbathe in peace and relaxation as there are no water sports and no hustle and bustle. There are umbrellas and deck chairs that are provided by the hotels and restaurants that are found on the beach.

The beach can be reached by heading towards Orno, following the western road of the main intersection. What marks the route just before the beach, is the view towards Delos, as the beach is just southwest of the island.

After the chapel of Agios Ioannis, a narrow dirt road that continues to the right leads to the small beach of Kaparis.

For those who desire to be far from the social chaos, and are well informed Kaparis is the beloved beach and is most commonly known by the locals. It has fine sand and the best view of Delos, which is even more breath-taking when the sun is setting. The beach can be accessed by car up to a certain point, and then it is necessary to walk down-hill on quite a steep path.

These two beaches are 3.4 km away from the town of Mykonos (Chora) and there is a regular bus service as well. Towards the beach of Agios Ioannis, where the road comes to an end, there is a small square with limited parking spaces.




Ornos is an beach located south of Korfos, and is not reached easily by the strong winds. There is regular public transport, a large number of hotels, restaurants and cafes / bars offering services from the early hours until late at night. In addition there is a diving school for those who are passionate about the depths of the sea. It is a small fishing harbour and is an ideal spot for yachts to anchorage.

Ornos falls into the category of a "family" beach and as a result is frequently crowded. It is located in the southwestern part of the island. The area has been developed to the extent that is it an almost autonomous tourist settlement.

From the shores of Ornos one can go to other well-known beaches in the south of Mykonos.

Ornos can be reached either from the new ring road or by the provincial road from Chora to Aghios Ioannis. The roads are asphalted and in excellent condition. Parking can sometimes be an issue, in particular during the high season as there is limited space for parking vehicles, that can be found either on the main road or the square that is by beach or in privately owned parking areas which are without charge



Psarou beach is a beautiful, popular, trendy and organized beach with a variety of water sports, including a diving school. It is considered to be one of the most appealing beaches on the island, as it has powdery sand and emerald waters. Its fame began from the early 80’s and has lasted till the present day where the famous mingle with those who are not in limelight.

It offers all the amenities needed such as sunbeds, showers, food, and drinks, beach bars and hotels with excellent sea views and luxurious boats visiting Psarou every day.

It is 4 km from Chora, and can be reached by bus, car or boat from Ornos and Platis Yialos



Platis Gialos

This beach is a relatively large, touristy sandy beach, located in the southern part of the island. It is one of the most crowded beaches of Mykonos.

Platis Gialos is surrounded by hotels and is well-organized as it caters for visitors of all ages and tastes. It is without a doubt an ideal destination for families with children.

In addition, to its beautiful sandy beaches, high standard hotels and restaurants there is a very regular public transport service, with most bus services heading towards there.

Platis Gialos is the point of departure of the boats which sail towards the southern beaches: Paranga, Kalamopodi, Plintri, Agrari, Elia.

The distance from Mykonos town is approximately 4 km


Located 5 km from Chora, this beautiful small beach overlooks Cape Drapanos. In the far distance is the beach of Agia Anna and one of the two organized camping sites of the island.

Paraga offers a wonderful natural landscape, and there is water, electricity, restaurants, and a mini market provided. There is also free transfer offered from the port and frequent local transport. All this, along with its famous beach bars and taverns make Paraga an interesting holiday alternative.

'Paradise' (Kalamopodi)

This beach is a beautiful and lively beach, famous since the time of the "hippies". It has a lengthy, sandy beach with thick sand, and is found in the southern part of the island.

There are favourable accounts given on the famous events that take place from noon to the early hours in the morning at the beach bar/club which have turned it into a world-wide attraction.

The distance from Chora is 5.5 km and there is a bus and a boat that leaves from Platis Gialos. Rooms for rent are also available.

'Super Paradise' (Plintri)

This is without a shadow of doubt the most famous beach in Mykonos and known practically all over the globe, for the wild parties and events organized on the sandy beach. For this reason it is the most frequent destination for the young adolescents and anyone who is young at heart.

It is very crowded, captivating intense rhythms blast from the speakers and eccentricity in its grandeur is experienced. This beach is a must if you want to experience something unique with limitless fun and an incident that will remain with you always.

The road that leads to "Super Paradise" can be travelled by car or by an organized private bus (7 kilometers far from Chora) or by boat from Platy Gialos.



Another beautiful beach on the island is Agrari, which is more isolated, and therefore suited to those who prefer a more secluded and a quieter environment. Its crystal blue waters compensates for the difficult route that needs to be taken in order to arrive. The large, sandy beach is divided into two sections, with umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports and snacks from the seaside tavern, on the sand. Unusual rumours of the island want the left part of the beach to excel instead of the right for a mysterious reason!



The South-eastern beaches are easy to reach and one has access to them by going through Ano Mera: The Southeastern beaches are among the most popular of Mykonos. One reaches them, going through Ano Mera:


This is another beautiful and popular beach on the island. It is the last “stop” from the boats that transport visitors to various beaches that have begun their journey from Plati Yialos. It is easily on of the most appealing beaches on the island as it has fine sand, easily accessible and refined people.


Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi is a beautiful, large, and particularly popular beach of the southern section. It is located between Elias and Kalafatis and is one of the longest beaches of the island in both length and width. There are shops around the beachfront that provide services to cater all needs, both on the premises as well as on the beach. The music that can be heard from the surrounding shops creates a wonderful atmosphere and is very inviting.

The beach can be reached either by taking the road to Kalafatis or the road which is near to the municipal stadium. Both roads are asphalted and are an easy drive to the beach. In addition, the boats leaving from Plati Gialos make a stop at Kalo Livadi.


Kalafatis - Agia Anna

This beach is where windsurfing is particularly popular, and the pan-European Freestyle Windsurf takes place here too. Fun, relaxation, all water sports, and good food comprise a beach that combines everything. There are many trees too that offer natural shade from the sun for those who like to relax in the shade.

Agia Anna is a small beach, to the right of Kalafatis, with fine sand. You will find sun loungers with umbrellas and a beach volley court. Those who seek peace and quiet and are well acquainted with the island preferred to spend their beach time in Agia Anna. There is also a Diving Centre where one can enjoy diving lessons or participate in underwater exploratory trips for beginners or advanced ones. Next to the Diving Centre, there is a café where one can enjoy a pleasant breakfast and a cup of coffee.


+++Agia Anna is a small beach, on the right of Kalafatis, with fine sand. There are deckchairs and umbrellas, beach volley area and a wooden stand-shop for refreshments and sunscreens. It is preferred especially by many of those who know the island well, and they want their peace of mind. In Agia Anna is the Diving Center, where you can get lessons or participate in an underwater exploratory trips for beginners or advanced. Besides the Diving Center is the bar for breakfast and coffee or barbecue every Saturday.



The last of the southern beaches, which can be reached by car, is Lia. The route is via a long paved road for the majority of the journey and the destination is the tranquil and peaceful beach of Lia. There are sunbeds and umbrellas that stretch out as far as the shore itself as well as full catering to every need. There is a restaurant that aside from the delicious cuisine provides a delightful

environment where if one goes in the evening hours the stunning natural beauty of Lia can be appreciated. The beach is 11.5 km away from Chora



For those who seek adventure, and are lovers of the wind and the waves, the northern beaches of the island are just for you! For the adventure seekers, the lovers of the wind and the waves, the northern beaches of the island are just for you!


+++This is one of the most remote beaches on the island. Ideal for lovers of isolation and exploration, it has thick sand and a deep sea filled with life. It is recommended that Merchia be visited on days with weak north winds, as for most of the northern beaches, which are exposed to the strong winds of Mykonos. The road that leads to the beach is rutty for the most part of it and therefore is avoided by the majority of visitors. It is 14 km away from Mykonos Town and there are no other means of arriving there

Fokos - Mirsini

Fokos,….the epitome of absolute peace and incredible sand! A beautiful beach, which is located right after the second dam of Mykonos. It has a completely different landscape than that of the usual Cycladic scene. The 170m long beach will completely really revive you.

In order to arrive there, you need to deviate from the provincial road between Chora and Mykonos, at Ano Mera, in the direction of Mao. There you take a road which, after the dam of Phokos, is a dirt road which due to the nature of the road needs care and precaution as it is a rutty.

At the front of the beach there is a restaurant as well as a private parking lot.

Fokos is complemented by the beach of Mersin, where one goes for truly relaxing holidays and unforgettable dips. The beach is divided into two, by a mass of small rocks that cascade down to the sea that one even barefoot can bypass. For those who are really adventurous there is a route at the end of the beach, where if taken awaits a surprise!

There is limited parking space in front of the beach, and the distance from Chora to the 2 beaches is 12 km.



Ftelia beach is in the north in the bay of Panormos and has amazing waters and sand. It is the ideal beach to Windsurf and Kitesurf. From the west side of the beach the whole landscape looks like a lagoon especially when there is no wind.

Ftelia is divided into two sections due to rock formations leading to the sea. In between there are prehistoric settlements of the Neolithic period, that date back to 4,500 BC. It is believed that the tomb of Ajax of Lokros, a hero from the Trojan War that existed from the archaic period is there too.

The beach can be easily reached by taking the provincial road to Ano Mera with the help of road signs or GPS.

Along the beach and the dirt road leading to it there is plenty of space for parking. Usually the landscape is covered with caravans and Windsurf enthusiasts who come to enjoy the amazing waves and the "clean" air that surrounds "Ftelia". Finally, at the beach one can enjoy the food offered by the restaurant and tavern at both ends of the shore.


Panormos - Agios Sostis

Panormos is the first of the beaches of the western part of the bay that one comes across. In the past it was visited mainly by locals and visitors who were very familiar with the beach, but over the years it has become popular amongst the general public as well.


Agios Sostis is a long, sandy beach - one of the most beautiful of Mykonos - in the northern part of the island. It is the only famous beach that does not provide umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars and thus maintains a free climate of tranquillity. Previously it was a well-known nudist destination and where one could practice free expression as such.

These unique beaches, which are ideal for swimming, are located in the northern part of the island, and unfold a charm in the bay of Panormos. This feature gives all the conditions for enjoying the seaside and the scenery, regardless of the weather.

The beaches are approximately 4.5km away from Mykonos Town and the roads are in excellent condition to ensure a safe and easy drive.