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The island of Mykonos has a plethora of primary and secondary education units, which are staffed with experienced and competent staff to provide the best educational services. Specifically:

The school complex that houses Lyceum and TEE of Mykonos, is in the area of ​​Petinaros and it was in operation in 2002. It consists of a ground floor of 1200 sq. Meters, a basement of 167 sq. Meters, a 443 sqm floor and a semi-open area of ​​400 sq. It was built in a plot of land belonging to the Municipality of Mykonos, which consists of original fields that came to the Municipality from a legacy of the late Mayor of Mykonos Kuzis Georgoulis, plus another neighboring field, recently purchased by the Municipality, totaling 26 acres.

The 1st and 2nd Kindergarten of Mykonos are housed in a building that was built in 1978, after a donation of the late Dimitrios Koutsis in Lakka, Mykonos, on a plot of the Municipality of Mykonos with a total area of ​​1,180 sq.m. Later, 210sqm were added to the original complex and in 1992 it was completed with a new room of 73m2.

The former Marathon Primary School, closed and abandoned since 1986, was transformed in 2000 into the fully equipped (with furniture, heating, supervision, etc.) Nursery School of Marathi after the repair of the existing old building and adding a new room and a boiler room. The surrounding plot of 1600 sq.m. (owned by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs) was improved and equipped with a pavilion - shelter, games, artificial lake and others. Subsequently, the Municipality purchased a neighboring plot of land of 3 acres, in which it built warehouses of about 60 sq. M. And the rest formed in a car park. The current total area of ​​the buildings is about 300 sq. M.

The Primary School of Mykonos Town, where it now houses only the 1st Primary School of Mykonos, was founded in 1935 after the donation of its land to the competent School Ephorate as a single-storey building, which has since been completed with successive additions halls and other spaces, both in height and in extension. Its total area today is 1.519 sq.m.

The Mykonos nursery is housed in the former elementary school in the area of ​​Omvrodecist, on the way to the airport, which was originally built as a school for the first time in the early 1930s, and it worked for several decades. In 1990 he turned into a kindergarten after a proper repair, the addition of a room in 1992 and his complete equipment. The total area of ​​today's existing buildings is approximately 200 square meters.

The Gymnasium of Mykonos was founded in 1963 and works until today on a donated plot of Demento and Petroula Daktilidi. The first building complex has since been expanded with additions (gym, library and so on) to meet the ever-increasing needs of secondary education. They were housed until the 2001-2002 school year with the Lycée of Mykonos until the latter moved to the new building complex of Peranthous. Today it operates only as a High School and its buildings cover an area of ​​1,250 square meters.

The building where the Ano Mera nursery is housed was originally built in 1927 to function as a girls' elementary school, in a house donated by the late brothers Petros and Michail Kambani. Over the last five years, after the proper renovation of the existing buildings, the addition of new necessary spaces and their complete equipment, the complex consisted of the Kindergarten and the Ano Mera kindergarten until 2005, when a significant renovation of the interior and exterior spaces building and since then only houses the Children's Station.

In 2005, the Municipality of Mykonos, with funds from the 4th CSF, built the same building site, a state-of-the-art school building with well-designed teaching spaces and spacious courtyards, where the Upper Maternity Nursery is housed since.

In 1874 the Public School was founded in Ano Mera, which for many years was housed in various private and monastic buildings. In the year 1900, the first school of the school was erected, a donated monastery site with public expenditure. Since then, the building complex has been augmented with two room halls and houses the Ano Mera Elementary School. The construction of a new, two-level building on the back of the old one, which will include a fully-organized multipurpose space for cultural events and other activities, as well as three classrooms.


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