The small island cluster of Mykonos, Delos, and Rhenia is definitely one of the regions of the world that is beyond compare. Not only, due to the vast modern tourism and cosmopolitan aura, but because these areas were inhabited, developed and altered into a cultural landmark, before the dawn of history.

One reason for this is the strategic location that these islands have. To begin with they are right in the centre of all the islands that comprise the Cyclades. Following this factor they are literally located geographically between the East and the West, and the North and the South. In addition they are near the largest and richest islands of the Aegean as well as to mainland Greece and Attica. As a result they were able to develop significant commercial exchanges with almost all of the Aegean and Mediterranean centres and at the same time being culturally influenced.

So before you reach your destination of the island of Mykonos, have in mind that it is not just the centre for “beach fans”, a place just for fun and luxury holidays. There is a great deal more to explore and uncover…

Culture Summer

Important to the cultural traditions is the “Cultural Summer” event. Every year, in the ambit of the Cultural Summer, there are well known music artists, from various musical trends, theatrical performances, dance groups and many more. In this way exceptional entertainment is provided to the public of Mykonos and all who visit.


To find out more about this summer’s cultural program information is provided in the local newspapers, at the KDEPPAM, and the bulletin boards in the city.

Municipal Library


The library of the Municipality of Mykonos was founded in August 1957. Thanks to the resourcefulness and donation of our fellow-citizen Mr Ioannis Alexandrou Meletopoylos, former Director of the National Historical Museum of Athens.

Until May 1972 the library was located at the Town hall of Mykonos. Due to renovations it was moved to the Igglesi Residence (property of the Municipality of Mykonos, from a bequest of Irene Igglesi, in memory of her late husband and renowned poet Ioannou Grypari), Shortly afterwards, it was transferred to a privately-owned building,

granted from the founder Mr Ioannis Alex. Meletopoylos. This is where it is to be found till the present day.

The library serves the community of the island, such as students, residents of all ages, and in general all those who desire to benefit from the services provided by the Library. The Municipality is responsible for the operation of the Library in cooperation with the librarian in charge at the time.

The aim of the Library is to promote knowledge, study and research, as well as be the creation of a spiritual centre. The idea is that every resident, passer-by visitor, scientist or tourist can find information about the island or the Cyclades in general. At the same time it encompasses awareness not only of the rest of the Hellenic eras but also global history. The library area, although small, is attractive, striking with a pleasant ambience.

Up to now, 11,500 volumes of books form the Closed and the General Collection of the books of the library. These include the sections on History, Greek, Children's and Foreign Literature, Theater, Poetry, Archeology, Art, and the Ancient Greek Secretariat. There are also books on issues related to Mykonos and the Cyclades, rare books and many more. There are only small collections to be found in English and French.

Most of the library's material comes from the donations of Mr. Ioannis Meletopoulos, as well as from donations of actors and individuals, friends of Mykonos and the Municipal Library.

It also has a large collection of encyclopaedias and dictionaries. The most important department is the Historical Archives of Mykonos, which is housed in the library area. It includes documents and manuscripts of previous centuries about the history of the island and the Cyclades, as well as rare and valuable publications and photos.

Of great interest are the documents with the correspondence of our heroine of 1821 Manto Mavrogenous. This section is closed to the public, with the exception of study and research on documents relating to the history of the island. Everything about the documents on Mantos’ correspondence is part of the Meletopoulos donation.

The Library also has a unique collection of Cycladic coins, a collection of stamps of the Cyclades, old engravings and maps.

The Library is in the final stage of recording its material electronically.

In order for someone to have the right to use the Library’s services, they need to be designated as a member by registering with the Library. All library members can borrow up to two book titles for 10 days, renewable for another 10 days.

Since January 2005 (and after the death of the first and only librarian, Mr. Kalliopi Triantafyllou), the Library operates with the librarian Vasiliki Nikiforidou.

On arrangement with the library employee, visits can be made by pupils from Mykonos Schools, book presentations etc.

Opening Hours

The schedule of the library is the following:

Monday : (closed)

Tuesday : 14:00 - 20:00

Wednesday: 08:00 - 20:00

Thursday : 14:00 - 20:00

Friday : 08:00 - 14:00

Contact information for the Municipal Library of Mykonos

Kampani 2, (Agia Kyriaki square), 84600, Mykonos

Information: Mrs Vassiliki Nikiforidoy

Tel / Fax: +30 22890 22614


P.Kousathanas Library

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The Library – a Cultural Center, is a donation by Panayiotis Kousathanas, known to all for being a philologist, writer, poet and researcher of Mykonian culture. It is a great cultural site for the local community, as well as for researchers of the history and culture of Mykonos.

It has a surface area of roughly 200 square meters and is located in the heart of the Chora, at the address Melpos Axioti 56 (Niochori - Factory).

Interested parties can be informed in detail about the Library's program of events on the Internet.

Library is open for visitors on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Visitation times are from 17.30 until 20.30.