Mykonos municipal services

Below you will find information and contact details for all the services of the Municipality of Mykonos.
Mayor's office
Deputy Mayors office
Office of the President of the Municipal Council
Office of General Secretary
Economic Committee - Quality of Life Committee - Municipal Community of Mykonos
Ano Mera Municipal Community Office
Legal service
Department of Conservation and Landscaping of the Environment
Cemetery Office
Slaughterhouse Office
Office for Stores of Health Interest
Department of Social Policy
Citizens Service Center of Mykonos
Staff Office

Administrative Services

Head Office
Office Assoc. Head of Administrative Department
Office of Municipal registry and Elections
Citizenship - Immigration - Male and Army Office
Protocol Office
Office of Registration and Civil Wedding

Financial Services Division

Head Office
Expenditure Department
Revenue Department
Department of Cash Services
Real Estate Tax Office
TAP Announcement & Support by Financial Service

Department of Technical Services

Head Office
Department of Studies
Planing Department

Department of Environment

Department of Cleaning and Technical work staff
Cleaning and Municipal Lighting Office
Vehicle Traffic, Repair and Maintenance Office
Water and Sewerage Office