Chairman of the Municipal Education Committee

Chairman of the Municipal Education Committee

George S. Rousounelos

Born in Mykonos in 1963, from Mykonian parents, son of Spyros Rousounelos and Stamatis Xydakis. Married to Maroulina Syrianou of Eleftherios, they have three children.

He studied at the Institute of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest, Romania, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and the B-Class Handball Diploma in Handball.

He has been working as a Director of the Lyceum of Mykonos since 2001. He began working as a Physical Education professor in 1988. From 1996 until now he is training the basketball teams of the Mykonos Gymnastics Club. He was Vice-President of the Parents and Guardians Association of the 1st Kindergarden of Mykonos in the period 1998-99.

He has been a volunteer blood donor since 1991 at the Charity Association "Mykonian Solidarity" and member of the sports association "Mykonos Gymnastics Club" since 1996. He has also served as Secretary to the Secondary School Committee. Today he is President of the Municipal Education Committee.