Honorary Distinctions

The Municipality of Mykonos, has for 40 years, established its own honorary distinction procedure by awarding a medal so as to honor people who have stood out in their contribution to the society of Mykonos.

The Municipality of Mykonos in the last 25 years have paid tribute to the following benefactors, intellectuals and other personages, who with their works honored Mykonos:

  • Prof. Vasilios Kyriazopoulos (founder of the Folklore Museum of Mykonos, the Museum of Greek Folk Ceramics, etc.)
  • Georgios Drakopoulos (founder of the Aegean Maritime Museum)
  • Stavros Manesis (philologist-author, honorary editor of the Dictionary of the Academy of Athens)
  • Jacques Santer (former President of the European Commission)
  • The Archbishop of Syros Dorotheos A.
  • Nikos Angeletakis (journalist-publisher of the local newspaper "Nea Mykonos")
  • Kalliopi Triantafyllou (librarian for 40 years of the Mykonos Municipal Library)
  • Sophia Grypari (donor after the death of spouse Nikos Gryparis, deceased, the "Gryparios Cultural Center")

The Municipality of Mykonos has also initiated the Institution of Honorary Distinction, to honor citizens of other nations although not directly associated with Mykonos but still offer prominent services to Mykonos society.

Honorary citizens of the Municipality of Mykonos for the last 20 years were:

  • Ghehudi Menouhin (internationally renowned violinist)
  • Konstantinos Karamanlis (President of the Hellenic Republic)
  • Konstantinos Mitsotakis (Prime Minister) and his wife Marika Mitsotaki
  • Christian Ude (Mayor of Munich) and his wife Edith Welser-Ude
  • Prokopis Pavlopoulos (President of the Republic)
  • Jerome II (Archbishop of Athens & All Greece)
  • Fotini Zafiropoulou (Archaeologist)
  • Constantine Tsakos (Archaeologist)


Snapshots from the celebration of the investiture of the Honorable Citizens of Mykonos, the President of the Republic,  Mr P. Pavlopoulos, and the Archbishop, Ieronymos II, of Athens and all of Greece.

Snapshots from the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Artemis Church,  in the presence of the Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece, Ieronymos II, and from the Holy Image and the Holy Relics of Saint. Artemis.

Evening Vesper at the Church of Holy Artemis, Mykonos 19 & 20 Oct 2016.



Announcement of the Honorary Citizens Patras Pavlopoulos and, and the Archbishop. Ieronymos II, Mykonos 19 & 20 Oct 2016.