Deputy Mayors

Deputy Mayor of Technical Services and Civil Protection

Alexandros D. Koukas

Born in 1962 in Athens. Son of Demetrius Koukas (from Aghia Sophia) and Evangelia, the genus Kontou from Ano Mera. For three years he attended the Sivitanidio School as a Car Engineer.

He has been a resident of Mykonos since 1967. He has been a car engineer for a short time and then has been involved in building work as a continuation of his family's work as a building contractor. Successful freelancer until today. A man who dealt with and deals with the commonwealth of the island and especially with sport.

He has been a Sports Advisor for 15 years in the development and improvement of athletic facilities on his own initiative. For 15 years he has been President of the Mykonos Athletic Club (AOM), where with much struggle, hard work and much love he created the athletics stadium, the basketball court, while contributing both to his personal work and financially . Active member of "Mykonian Solidarity" (voluntary blood donation).

Elected in previous municipal elections successfully, he performs his duties to this day. Despite all the adverse conditions of the Municipality of Mykonos, he stood in all the challenges and helped as much as he could, a tactic that always follows during all the periods in common. To the problems of the island with greater of cleanliness, he tried and tried to improve the clean image of Mykonos, contributing with his actions but also contributing economically. He hopes for better and more constructive actions in the future.

Deputy Mayor of Social Policy and Volunteering

Miltiadis K. Atzamoglou

Deputy Mayor of Everyday Life

Michalis I. Zouganelis

Born in 1975, his parents, Iakovos and Kalliopi, thought him from a very young age what Faith and Competitiveness meant and nurtured him with Values ​​and Ideals. His wife and companion is Katerina Xydakis, with whom they have had two children, Iakovos and Giannis.

He is a graduate of the Sivitanidios School with a degree in Electrical Installations. His whole career is in Mykonos, where as a young man he worked for several years with Iakovos Koussanthas. For the last fifteen years he has run his own electrical installation workshop, while in 2013 he set up a family-run catering business.

He has been elected President of the Association of Electricians of Mykonos since its establishment until today.

His active involvement with his wife in school and sports in Mykonos shows his concern for a more qualitative and efficient course for our children.

Deputy Mayor of Cleansing Services

Iakovos I. Daktilidis

He was born in Mykonos on 9/1/1984. He grew up in Lino, where he lives with his family. He is married to Ioanna Pantelis and they have a son and a daughter of 6 and 4 years respectively. His parents are Ioannis Daktilides (Kariotis) and Irene Antonini (Kosifi).

He finished his high school in Mykonos and continued his studies in Economics & Business Administration at IEK. He speaks English. He has been active in the construction business since 2004, continuing his father's business with the same zeal. He believes that because of his profession, his association with the world enables him to listen to the daily problems of the island.

His is involved with the public and believes that the young generation with their hard work, perseverance and ingenuity can make substantial changes and decisive cuts for the good of the island.

Deputy Mayor of Environmental Planning, Recycling and Municipal Revenue

Konstantinia S. Sampsouni