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Konstantinos Koukas, born and raised in Mykonos, lived his childhood and teenage years on the island of Mykonos.

He holds two Bachelor degrees from the University of Thrace (Faculty of Law & Department of Language, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries), as well as two Master’s degrees, the one in “European and International Studies” from the University of Athens – School of Law and the other in ‘Tourism and Business Administration’ from the Hellenic Open University. He speaks English and Italian.

In 2010 he completed his internship – with scholarship – in the European Parliament in Brussels, while previously he worked for two years in the Cabinet of the Minister of Interior, having as key administrative and political responsibilities issues in the fields of Public Order and Public Administration. He is currently an Attorney in the Court of Appeal, with his own private law firm in Mykonos and a member of the Syros Bar Association.

He is actively involved in public life since 2010, when he was elected Regional Councilor of the South Aegean, being the first elected representative in votes of preference in the islands of Cyclades and at the same time, one of youngest elected representatives in Greece. In January 2012, he was elected ‘Vice President’ of the South Aegean Regional Council.

In 2014, at the age of 32, he is involved in local government and was elected ‘Mayor of Mykonos’. Shortly after, he is elected as a member of the Board of Mayors at the Regional Association of Southern Aegean Municipalities of Greece.

Following the decision of the Board of Mayors and Local Councilors of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), Mr. Koukas was appointed as a member of the ‘Committee of Institutions and Equality’ of KEDE and also, a member of the Board of Mayors and Local Councilors of the Institute of Local Administration (ITA), as the only representative- elected Mayor coming from insular Greece in these two bodies.

In June 2019, he was re-elected Mayor of Mykonos at the national local administration elections. In November 2019, he was also elected at the fourth (4th) place in votes in the Board of Mayors and Local Councilors of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE). In January 2020, he was unanimously elected by KEDE Board as Head of the Greek Delegation to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (The Congress) of the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg, France. And in November of the same year was elected Vice-President of the Congress by the plenary of the body.

In June 2020, by inter-ministerial decision, he was appointed member of the National Cruise Coordinating Committee and in August of the same year a member of the Island Policy Council (SY.NI.PO.) of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.+++

Mayor’s Bio in French – Biographie du Maire en Francais

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