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Friday, 22 September 2017

Η εφημερίδα της Υπηρεσίας

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Delos > Excavation History  

Excavation Background

Delos, as a holy place in which existed brilliant buildings and holy, were not forgotten never and exist a lot of reports in the sightseers on the ruins that were visible in the island. A lot of sculptures were transported in museums of Greece and abroad, while marbles of ancient buildings were used as building material by the residents of around islands.

The excavations in Delos began in 1873 from the French Archaeological Faculty Athens. From 1904 until 1914 they were revealed under the address M. Holleaux and thanks to the brave subsidy of duke de Loubat the more important departments of ancient Delos. Period of intense excavation activity existed also in 1958 until 1975. The excavation is continued still by the French Archaeological Faculty, but the centre religious, political and commercial life as well as big part of private residences already has been revealed. Small scale excavations held also by Greek archaelogists, mainly in the beginning of century.

Background of Restoration Work

Big scale restoration work became from the French Archaeological Faculty, mainly in the districts of private residences, while smaller scale they are realised in the past few year by Prehistoric and Classic Antiquities. They were restored enough kiones, while were accomodated ancient residences (Residence [Triainis], Residence of Masks, Residence mainly in order to are protected the mosaic floorings. From 1990 Delos has been included in the list of monuments that constitutes Worldwide Cultural Heritage and is protected from Unesco.