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Friday, 22 September 2017

Η εφημερίδα της Υπηρεσίας

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General Info

LONGITUDE: 25o 19' 43"
LATITUDE: 37o 26' 36"

Mykonos is located to the area of the central Aegean Sea and belongs to the prefecture of Cyclades. Its total surface is 26.370 acres, while the length of its shores reaches 81 kilometers.
It consists of the municipality of Mykonos. The resident population of the island adds up in 9.320 people according to the census of 2001 (E.S.Y.E.). The highest point of Myconos reaches approximately the 14 kilometers and its widest about 10.
The shores form gulfs that penetrate deeply into the land. The most important gulfs are the one of Panormou and of Ornou. The two interesting ecosystems are coastal water habitats in the bay of Panormou, of Ftelia and northern of Panormou that fill periodically, forming in that way little lagoons.
In the seaside of Panormou, as well as in other places around the island of Myconos seals have been found. In the area of Panormou Bay the refuge of the Moroergou quarry is located (1050 acres)..

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